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ROKNE is dedicated to providing the pickleball community with high quality products that combine cutting-edge technology with vibrant designs.


Classic Series

Curve Classic, The Classic Series & Rok-Star

Skill Level: Beginner to Experienced


Pacific Paddle LABS & Taktical Carbon

Skill Level: Intermediate to Pro

Pro Series

Aero Blade & Republic

Skill Level: Experienced to Pro

USAPA Approved | Cutting-Edge Tech | Vibrant Design




Cutting-EDGE Tech

ROKNE paddles combine cutting-edge technology with thoughtful design. The patent pending Aero Blade is a technological marvel featuring a unique power spine and adjustable weighting system to make the game more personalized than ever before.

Vibrant Designs

ROKNE offers a spectrum of bold colors, unique patterns, and premium finishes that let's your individuality shine as brightly as your skills. Choose a ROKNE pickleball paddle that speaks to you – a paddle that's as much a part of your style as it is a tool for victory.


The ROKNE Republic paddle series is proudly manufactured with premium domestically sourced materials right here in the USA. By choosing ROKNE, you're not just getting a great paddle, you're supporting a family business committed to American-made quality.

From our Community

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ROKNE is inspired by the unparalleled enthusiasm and love for the world's fastest growing sport. ROKNE is dedicated to providing the pickleball community with high quality products that combine cutting-edge technology with clean, sleek and vibrant designs. Please contact us if you want to learn more about ROKNE. We love speaking with folks that are as passionate about pickleball as we are.

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Paddle Questions

Why should I upgrade my pickleball paddle?

Of course you should! If you're reading this FAQ then you must be a serious player. Find the paddle that compliments your skills and take your game to new heights.

What makes ROKNE different from other pickleball companies?

ROKNE is a family owned business that combines some of the advanced and cutting-edge tech in the industry with uniquely artistic and aesthetic designs.

Does ROKNE sponsor players?

Yes. Every year we sponsor a select number of players that are passionate about pickleball and ROKNE paddles.

What is Structured Cell Technology featured in the ROKNE Republic paddle series?

Every paddle in the ROKNE Republic series features a domestically fabricated polypropylene core where each honeycomb cell is an identical shape and size. This feature creates consistent and accurate shots no matter where the ball strikes the paddle face.

Do ROKNE paddles offer different surface textures?

Yes. ROKNE offers a variety of paddles with several different surface textures. This lets you choose the paddle that best suits your game, whether you crave aggressive spin or a more controlled feel.

How do I care for my ROKNE paddle?

Keep it cool and dry (avoid extreme weather conditions). Be gentle; try to avoid nicks and scrapes on the edges of the paddle. Use edge tape. Carry with care: invest in a ROKNE paddle cover to ensure your paddle travels safely.

Customer Service

If I place an order today, how long will it take to arrive?

ROKNE is committed to providing the pickleball industry's best customer service. ROKNE endeavors to fulfill all orders received not later than 2PM on Monday-Friday on the day the order is made. Any order received after 2PM on Monday-Thursday will be processed the following day. Any order received on Friday after 2PM or during the weekend will be processed on Monday.

ROKNE offers free standard shipping on all orders over $100. Orders less than $100 will incur shipping at the current prevailing rate.   

What is the return / exchange policy?

ROKNE is committed to providing the pickleball industry's best customer service. We have a 30-day no hassle return/exchange and refund policy for purchases made from and ROKNE authorized retailers. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, and you are within 30 days of receiving your paddle, contact us at or via the website contact form, so that we can assist you with a return/exchange or refund. If the paddle is used during the 30-day trial period, a 20% restocking fee will apply. The 30-day trial period is applicable only to the original purchaser and is not transferable to anyone beyond the original purchaser. 

Is there a warranty on ROKNE paddles?

All ROKNE paddles enjoy a six-month comprehensive warranty that guarantees against workmanship and manufacturing defects.

This warranty applies only to the original purchaser and is not transferable to anyone beyond the original purchaser. Paddles will experience a natural deterioration over time depending on how frequently they are used. Please note that paddles showing signs of normal wear and tear over a reasonable amount of time are not eligible for a return / exchange or refund. Furthermore, any paddle that has been abused or structurally modified (such as with the application of weighted tape) is not eligible for a return / exchange or refund. Additionally, paddle damage caused by hits to the ground, hits against another paddle, scuffing or fading of graphics are not covered by the warranty.


All return requests and warranty claims require that the customer provide certain purchase information, including the retailer the product was purchased from, the date of the purchase and a photo of the product.  ROKNE has the sole discretion to determine whether a damaged paddle is covered under the ROKNE Warranty.  Moreover, ROKNE has the sole discretion to determine whether to replace or repair a paddle covered under the warranty.  The ROKNE warranty does not apply to replacement paddles and is only available in the United States. 


All edgeless paddles, including the Aero Blade are susceptible to edge chipping and cracking.  ROKNE provides TruShield Edge Wrap with the purchase of every Aero Blade to help prevent against such chips and cracks.  Chips to the edge of the paddle are not covered by warranty.  Cracked edges will only be covered by the ROKNE warranty if, (1) the TruShield Edge Wrap is installed on the paddle and is present at the time the paddle is damaged, and (2) the cracks are not caused by impact to the ground, impact with another paddle or person, or any such other negligent actions as determined by ROKNE in its sole discretion. 

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